Technology And The Trainer Continuing Education Series

What is it:

A free continuing education series for professionals in various industries discussing modern training and digital technology. Learn about the fusion of digital technology and the science behind effective training. Our expert trainers will review evidenced-based strategies to effectively instruct individuals using state-of-the art technology.

Which Topics Will Be Covered:


1. Training therapists with technology.

2. Training parents with technology

3. Training HR with technology.

4. Training instructional design with technology.

5. Training sales with technology.

6. Training safety with technology.

7. Training customer service with technology.

8. Training performance feedback with technology.

9. Training teachers with technology.

10. And many more!


Who Should Attend:

Anyone that is interested in learning more about the science behind training and the use of digital technology. And anyone that wants to get free continuing education units (CEUs).

How To Get CEUs:

Continuing education credits (CEUs) will be offered through BACB and SHRM approved providers. 

Where It Will Be Held:

Our Technology and The Trainer Continuing Education Series will be held exclusively online. 

When The Events Will Happen:

These events will be scheduled over the course of the next 4 months with regular events being announced every couple of weeks. 

Upcoming CEU Events