How it works

Register your company

This is a super easy way for your company to get started with TraininGenius

Add your employees and trainers

This is a simple process guided by our cues in the system and allows you to add trainers and trainees

Create a Skills training

Develop a behavioral skills training curriculum using our training generator

Create a Fluency training

Develop fluency flashcards using our fluency generator

Publish the training

This is done with the click of a button and you will be able to store the curriculum you have created in your library

Assign trainings to trainers and trainees

Create customized assignments for individuals or groups including tasks from both the skills and fluency modules

Learn and master content

Trainees take and master critical skills using our advanced behavior analytic artificial intelligence engine

Analyze the impact

Determine which trainers are instructing the best, which trainees are learning the fastest and which curricula are the most effective learning tools by creating and viewing custom reports, conducting a visual analysis with graphs, and comparing users across departments.

Your trainers will fall back in love with training


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