We use behavior science to train professionals in

TraininGenius is an everything-you-need training system that makes the trainers job effortless,

the trainee’s task delightful, and the company’s administration simple.  


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Simplicity. Science. Savings

Creating training is easy, taking training is enjoyable, and administrating training is cost effective

With TraininGenius, you can train any-skill any-time, any-where using our behavioral skills training module. You can create:

  • HR trainings
  • On-boarding trainings
  • Sales trainings
  • Customer service trainings
  • And much more!



Effortlessly create trainings with TraininGenius

Create a skills or fluency curriculum with our simple-to-use curricula generator. This generator just made trainer’s jobs a whole lot simpler


A science-based training that your employees will actually enjoy taking

Our system is built on a foundation of behavior analysis science (BAS) and utilizes proven BAS technologies to ensure your trainers master content.


Your organization saves time and money

A powerful administration system that produces certificates, generates reports, and ensures that the trainees master concepts the first go around. Here is how it is helpful:


  • REDUCE employee training costs
  • REDUCE Employee repeat trainings
  • INCREASE training effectiveness
  • INCREASE employee readiness

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